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Pool Cleaning Attachments

Pool cleaning attachments are an essential part of pool ownership and make pool maintenance a less time-consuming chore. When it comes to keeping your pool clean, Leslie’s offers the largest selection of pool cleaning tools and pool cleaning equipment for every aspect of pool maintenance.

Pool Brushes

A Pool Brush is an important tool for sweeping dirt and debris from your pool floor and walls. This step will significantly help the efficiency of your pool cleaner and only takes a few minutes to use! Simply attach the pool brush to a telescoping pole and make your way around the pool by scrubbing the walls, floor and steps.

Find the best pool brush for your pool type HERE.

Pool Nets & Leaf Rakes

Pool Leaf Skimmers and Pool Leaf Rakes feature heavy-duty frames and sturdy mesh nets to help remove leaves and large debris from the water surface. Leaf Nets and Leaf Rakes are molded into the rigid yet flexible aluminum frames to prevent tearing and other damage. Our best-selling leaf skimmer nets are made from fine mesh material to provide exceptional skimming by ensuring that everything, down to small insects and debris particles, are caught in the net for easy removal.

Find the perfect pool leaf skimmer or leaf rake for your pool type HERE.

Pool Vacuum Heads

With the right Pool Vacuum Head from Leslie’s Pool Supplies, keeping your swimming pool clean is simple and affordable. The typical pool vacuum equipment set-up includes a good telescoping pool pole, pool vacuum head and a pool vacuum hose of the right length. With these three pool vacuuming tools, you can vacuum your own pool using the suction power from the wall skimmer.

Vinyl pool vacuum heads have soft brushes, while concrete vacuum heads have wheels. Vacuum heads attach to any standard telescopic pole - above ground vac heads attach to 1.25" or 1.5" vacuum hose, and in-ground vac heads attach to 1.5" or 2" vacuum hose.

Find the best pool vacuum head for your in-ground or above ground pool HERE.

Vacuum Hoses

A good pool vacuum hose will not crimp under suction or deteriorate when stored in exposed outdoor areas. We offer standard vac hoses and heavy duty vac hoses to meet your performance expectations and your budget. Leslie’s Pool Supplies pool vacuum hoses are designed with heavy-duty construction and sturdy hose cuffs. Choose a vacuum hose by diameter (1.25", 1.5" or 2") and by length, from 25' to 75' long. Select a vacuum hose that will barely reach the furthest point of your pool - longer vacuum hoses create extra work when priming and rolling the vac hose.

Find the right pool vacuum hose for your pool maintenance needs HERE.

Telescopic Poles

Last but not least, we recommend having a reliable Telescopic Pool Pole to connect all of your cleaning attachments for easy pool maintenance. Find the best Telescopic Pole, and Pole Hangers and accessories, with Leslie’s Pool Supplies.

Shop our large selection of Telescoping Pool Cleaning Poles HERE.

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