Bromine Tablets

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Bromine Tablets

Bromine Tablets are a safe, yet effective alternative to chlorine. Easily drop the 1 inch bromine tablets in either a floating dispenser or chemical feeder for slow and even disbursement. Great for hot tubs and indoor swimming pools, Bromine has many advantages over other sanitizers.

Helpful Articles

Can I use bromine in my hot tub?

Bromine is the superior sanitizer in most spas and hot tubs, especially because of how it holds up in high temperatures. It also has much less odor than chlorine. To learn more about Bromine, read more here: Using Bromine in a Spa or Hot Tub.

What is the difference between bromine and chlorine?

There are many differences between bromine and chlorine. One is better for swimming pools, and one if better for hot tubs and spas. Take a look and learn which sanitizer is best for your body of water: Bromine vs. Chlorine for Spas & Hot Tubs.